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A Mini Guide for Profile Headshots

*Article written by Matthew Brown of HelloBonsai.com

Remember the 90s?

Lava lamps, CD Walkmans and animal print fabrics probably spring to mind. Profile headshots, on the other hand, likely don’t.

As website-use and social media for business marketing become the norm, so does the necessity for high-quality, modern and attractive online platform headshots.

Gone are the days of clunky computers, print-out resumes, and relying on in-person marketing for business success.

Welcome to the digital age.

So, what does this all mean for you? To start, it’s high time you refreshed your long-neglected website and social media platforms with newly updated photos.


We’re here to explain why, and how it’s done — with style.

Do I need a new headshot?

If your ‘profile headshot’ is a snap of you in board shorts, double-fisting a couple Pina Coladas, it goes without saying…

It’s definitely time for a new photo.

However, even if your Costa Rica vacation isn’t the center of your online marketing aesthetic, you may still need an update.

Typically, you should aim for shooting a headshot every year, or in line with any major career or style change. Think new beard (for men, hopefully) or a new haircut/dye.


Sounds easy enough, right?

But get this:

You should also have a collection of headshots for different occasions. This means it’s worth building your own stock library of professional profile photos to include headshots, group shots, and product shots.

You’ll be surprised how handy they’ll be for various marketing, PR situations, or the impact of a good headshot in your freelance proposal.

How a good headshot boosts your business (seriously)

…But it’s just a picture, right?

According to CareerCast, your old headshot may be sabotaging your job or business opportunities.

Also, studies show that before inviting an applicant into an interview setting, approximately 90% of HR consultants say they look through social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook.

These days, your profile picture is a person’s first impression of you. And as they say: a picture’s worth a thousand words.

Or in this case, an interview.

If they don’t like what they see, or what impression you’re giving, your chances of even speaking to someone on the phone or in an interview setting are completely wiped.

According to Susan Joyce of The Huffington Post, professional and successful jobs require social media skills.

So, if your profile picture is seriously out of date or doesn’t show at least some basic knowledge of social media use, chances are you won’t be receiving that greatly anticipated phone call.

What makes a successful freelance headshot?

So, now we’ve made it pretty clear how a proper freelance headshot is huge, it’s time to start looking at ways to create the perfect picture.

While this may seem like a lot at first, don’t worry.

Like anything, with practice it will soon become second nature to you (and you may even find some satisfaction in it, too).

1. Look your best (obviously)

When you’re well-rested and hydrated, you’re BOUND to look better.

So, first thing’s first, cut down on salty foods, alcohol, and caffeine the day before the shoot and treat yourself to a salon session and healthy morning routine to really look your best.


Believe us, it’s worth it.

Tip: to avoid that blindingly shiny face look, dab your skin with a bit of powdered tissue.

2. Image/brand connection

When preparing for your freelance headshot, keep in mind the impression you want to leave.

What outfit, pose and makeup best describe yourself?

If you’re a fierce office slayer, you may want to emanate strong qualities and sport modern, chunky jewelry. However, if you’re more soft and calm in nature, consider wearing clothing that’s reflective of a more reserved personality.

When it comes down to it, whatever you’re offering, always make sure the photo is likable and professional.

3. Think flattering, not distracting

Choose your favorite outfit.

You’ll want to wear something that makes you feel great — not exhausted by noise.

Solid colors are always the safest bet (as long as they provide good contrast against your skin). However, patterns can be worn if they’re not too vibrant or distracting.

In short, you want an outfit that allows your personality to shine through, not the other way around.

4. Get comfortable on camera

The first step to this point: hire someone you feel comfortable with.

The best photos include a positive reaction of some sort. If you hire a photographer who’s able to capture genuine reactions on camera, your photo will definitely stand out.

If you’re not hiring a professional, make sure you move your forehead to the camera a bit closer than your mouth and nose.

This is one of many ways to create a strong and flattering look.

How to properly apply your brand

First and foremost, the purpose of your professional freelance headshot is to put a face to your brand.

There are many ways to present yourself — the cyber sphere’s the limit! It all depends on what your brand image represents.

In other words, the most important aspect to consider is context. Which means it will be beneficial investing in strategizing how you’ll use the images.

For example:

If you’re a creative business owner, have some fun with it. Wear your website brand colors and strike a pose that represents what you offer. If your website background is white, make sure your headshot background is as well.

Then, use the branded photo to spice up your freelance proposals and help seal the deal on your dream job.

Have fun with it. But strategized fun.

Why you should work with a professional photographer

While it’s tempting to just set your iPhone on a stand with a self-timer in order to save a few bucks, you should hear us out first.

There’s an important detail to keep in mind: You’re essentially hiring a visual solution provider, not just a photographer.


Professional photographers are knowledgeable and prepped to face any challenges when it comes to high-quality images and branding representation.

A professional photographer won’t just take a freelance headshot. They will use their artistic training and expertise on equipment to offer the most personable, unique and high-quality image possible.

Which is, as we’ve discussed, vital for brand integrity.

Your deserved time in the spotlight

Valuing your business and career means valuing yourself.

By spending time and the right sort of effort on presenting yourself not just well, but effectively online, you’ll not only feel great as an individual, but your career path will also experience a lift.

Strategically creating a brand freelance headshot will help you feel more confident in your brand image.

Simultaneously, it will mark the beginning of a new professional standard that will go from strength to strength as the clients roll in.


Contributor: Matthew Brown

Bio: Matt is the founder of Bonsai, an automated contracts, proposals, invoices and time-tracking product used by 100,000+ freelancers and agencies globally. He lives in San Francisco, where he enjoys surfing, science fiction, and leafy green vegetables.

9 Business Headshot Tips to Look Your Best

Professional business headshot tips

Business headshots are a great way to make yourself look more professional in your career. Hiring a headshot photographer to come to your workplace or photograph you in their studio can give you an edge in the business world if the shots are done right.

There are times when people get their headshot done without considering important details of the shoot, such as clothes to wear, makeup, background, hairstyles, and more.

Feel free to see some of our own business headshots here for some ideas on how you’d want to look in your photoshoot.

Continue reading for some useful tips on looking great in your business headshot.

9 Business Headshot Tips To Look Your Best

Wear appropriate clothing

corporate headshot of Jeremiah Tamburrini, real estate agent in Guelph.Think about the look you are trying to convey to people who are going to see your business photo. Do you work at an insurance corporation, veterinary clinic, or are you a Realtor?  Many people dress up for their headshot like they would for a day at the office, but wearing a suit or a nice shirt is common for men who don’t normally wear one at work.

Also, be sure to iron your clothes and look for stains and pet hair before you arrive at the shoot.

If you are planning to get just the top half of your body in the photos then don’t worry too much about about your pants and shoes, but if you want a full body portrait then remember to wear nice shoes as well.

Make your hair look nice

A musician being photographed with her violin by Trina Koster, Guelph.For women, try brushing your hair right before your shoot or bringing a brush with you.  If you want it looking smooth and silky, try using some conditioner in the shower or using a leave-in conditioner the day of the shoot. It is handy to look in a mirror or a selfie camera to see how your hair is sitting right before the shoot starts.

For men, try styling your hair with some gel or putty and even a blow-dryer to give it the look you’re going for. If you have a beard, make sure to shape it with your razor, and consider combing it if it has been growing for a while.

Tell your photographer how you want to convey yourself

Creative photography for album art, done for musician Andrew McPherson.Headshot photographers are experts at bringing out certain looks in people. You may want to portray yourself as “fun and approachable”, “dedicated and serious about success”, “creative and deep-thinking”, or “goofy and unique”.

The possibilities are endless, but if you have a specific demeanor in mind then be sure to talk to your photographer about it. They can set the tone with different music and backgrounds, while using different angles and lenses to portray your custom look.

Going into a shoot without any idea of how you want to look can still result in great images, but it is then up to your photographer to come up with different poses and looks for you to try out.

Don’t worry though, that’s what business headshot photographers do best. If you’ve got a really good photographer they’ll make sure you get some amazing headshot photos regardless of whether you had a certain look in mind or not.

Know your best side

Most people don’t have perfectly symmetrical faces. Perhaps your hair looks better from one angle over another or you have an imperfection on your face that you want to hide.

There are a lot of people who know which side of their face they prefer to take a picture of.

If you don’t know you can try taking a couple of selfies from different angles and find out which you prefer.

Alternatively you could get your photographer to take pictures of you at different facing angles so you have different choices.


Mid-length photo of a fitness trainer in OntarioIt’s not hard to tell when a smile is forced or if you look tense in a photo. People often feel nervous in front of a camera, especially when they don’t get their picture taken often. You have nothing to worry about when getting your photograph taken though.

Headshot photographers are aware that people can feel nervous during photoshoots and they are experienced at helping them feel more calm. To help feel more calm at the shoot, start off with some photos of you doing goofy faces to relax the face muscles.

If you have a certain song that makes you feel confident or relaxed you can request to have the song playing. Once you are warmed up and realize that you have nothing to be nervous about then you can express yourself freely and your shoot will go smoothly!

Consider wearing makeup

Musician headshot of Jesse Bell Smith of Guelph, Ontario

It’s up to you whether you want to wear makeup for your headshot session, but it can help make you look your best for the shoot and minimize the amount of editing that the photographer does afterwards.

Makeup can be useful if you didn’t get much sleep the night before and have bags under your eyes, and also can help with covering small details like crow’s feet or blemishes.

Additionally, makeup can make people feel more confident, which results in better pictures. It’s up to you how you want to convey yourself!

Push your chin up and out

Corporate headshot for BDO Accounting captured in Waterloo, Ontario.To avoid having the double-chin effect in your headshot try pushing your chin just slightly up and forward.

This will elongate your neck and make the skin underneath your jawline tighter, which can eliminate the appearance of a double chin.

You should also roll your shoulders back and stand up straight to improve your posture and appear more confident.

Use the right background

Corporate headshots can be taken indoors or outdoors depending on the look you are going for.  As you can see here, both can look good, but they convey different first impressions.

A business headshot taken in Guelph.

Professional business headshot taken for BDO Accounting in Waterloo, Ontario.

Indoor headshots with white or mono coloured backgrounds are best for the formal business appeal. It looks professional and can be used for business cards or any other promotional material easily.  

Outdoor headshots give a more casual look, but they allow for more creativity and unique portrayals of your personality.


Smiling makes you look more open and inviting and can also show off your facial features better. People like to work with happy, confident professionals so don’t be afraid to show off your smile. 

If you aren’t comfortable with how you teeth look you can still smile with your lips closed. Smiling activates chemicals in your brain that make you feel better, allowing a more positive side of you to shine in the images. 

Some people may choose not to smile in their picture because they want to portray a more serious look. Everyone is different, but in most cases smiling is the best option!

Consider these tips prior to getting your business headshot done and you’ll be much happier with the photos. It’s an opportunity to look your best and have a professional photographer show you off, so make sure to get it done right.

If you liked this article consider checking out 5 Ways To Look More Photogenic In Portraits or 5 Tips On What To Wear For Fall Family Portraits.


Looking for a Business Headshot Photographer in Ontario?

If you live around Southwestern Ontario we invite you to come to our Guelph studio and get some professional pictures taken. We can also travel to your location!

Create a powerful first impression with your headshot  – Contact us today

Headshots With Noelle

Noelle O'BrienNoelle O’Brien has been a photographer on Trina’s team for 14 years and especially loves doing headshots.

Noelle’s calm presence and warmth puts her clients at ease, allowing for the most expressive and genuine photographs to be made.

Noelle’s take on doing headshots for her clients:

“Being able to creatively work one on one with clients is hugely rewarding.  By chatting with my clients before the shoot, I love to learn about their work, their family, their life and to have that come through in the image.

I make sure that clients feel relaxed and confident so that they can enjoy their session and also get great results. My goal is to produce an image that shows my clients at their best!”

View Noelle’s Headshot Portfolio Below:

View our headshot pricing to see our different packages, or contact us for more information.

To look your best for your photo-shoot, check out our business headshot tips.

Getting Great Dating Profile Pictures

Choosing the right pictures for your dating profile is an important decision because the photos reflect what you want to say about yourself.  Many times people aren’t happy with the photos they have of themselves, or they don’t have any recent photos.

You could wait for an upcoming event where someone might take a good photo of you, or you can hire a professional photographer to get the job done right.

We often get requests to make portraits in way that is flattering but doesn’t look like the person has hired a professional to do it. There is a skill to making natural, candid looking portraits that are flattering.

Check out an example of The Works package below:

As you can see, there are 3 completely different looks in separate locations, all within a one hour shoot. The bonus of this is the photos look like they have been taken on different days. The Works package includes 10 photos with up to 4 different looks/outfits.

Hair and makeup in this photoshoot was done by Jon Dobbie of Valentini’s Hair Design.

In the past, Trina did The Works package for a man’s dating profile, and 2 years later he came back to get Trina to shoot his wedding after finding his wife-to-be online.

The Works package is also perfect for your business life, allowing you to have high quality photos you can use in a variety of different ways, from business cards to networking profiles.

If you’d like to book a photoshoot to use for your business or personal life, contact Trina Koster today.

How Team Photos Benefit Your Business

Business staff portrait of College Auto Tech taken in Guelph, Ontario.Team photos are beneficial to your business for a few reasons.  

First, team photos develop trust between potential customers and your business. Customers like to know who they will have working for them before deciding to invest in your business’s services.

Having a professional portrait of all your employees will create a strong first impression for the potential customer by establishing a more personal connection.  

Another good reason to take staff photos is that it shows customers that you care about your employees, making your business more likeable.

Take for example College Auto Tech in Guelph. Trina took some team photos of the owners and employees, and they hung one of the team photos up on the wall in their shop.  A customer who walked in off the street noticed the staff portrait on the wall and commented on how great it is that the company values their employees enough to put a picture of everyone on the wall.

Showing customers that you value your employees will make them likely to believe that you value your customers as well.

Lastly, getting team photos done shows your employees that you value their work and are proud to have them as employees. Having happy, motivated employees is very beneficial for business, so take the steps needed to show them that you care.

Getting staff portraits done can be a great bonding event as well, allowing everyone to come together and be photographed as one strong team. 

We always enjoy doing company team photos, and we make sure its a fun experience for our subjects as well. 

For an interesting read, check out ShootDotEdit’s article on how to start a photography business.

See some of our other company staff portraits below:

If you’re interested in getting a staff portrait done for your company, get in touch.

Makeup Artist and Master Stylist: Jon Dobbie

Jon Dobbie of Valentinis Hair DesignIf anyone is looking to get their makeup done professionally for an upcoming wedding or portrait, there is an amazing makeup artist in Guelph named Jon Dobbie.

Jon works at Valentini’s Hair Salon in Guelph and we’ve trusted him for doing makeup on many of our past clients for weddings and photoshoots.

Jon understands that our clients usually want a clean and natural look for their portraits, wedding, or event.

We highly recommend Jon Dobbie for anyone looking to get professional makeup done or a stylish new haircut.

Below are some pictures where Jon did the makeup and we did the photography:

To learn more about Jon and see his work, visit Jon Dobbie’s portfolio.

Headshots After Labour Day

A man in a suit getting his headshot done by Guelph wedding photographer, Trina KosterThe end of Labour Day means lots of people have to go back to work and school. The good news is that it’s a great time to do a new headshot photo.

Whether its for your social media accounts, your website, or business cards, the end of summer is when your skin will be glowing and you’re feeling more relaxed.

We have 3 different headshot packages available to choose from, ranging to 1 to 10 high quality images for you to keep.

Your headshot session at our Guelph studio will be comfortable and enjoyable, and you can be in and out of the studio in as little as 15 minutes. Whether you’re a chiropractor, plumber, lawyer, or Realtor, having an awesome head shot is a great boost to your personal brand.

To see some of the headshots we’ve done, visit our studio headshot portfolio.

We also do headshots for companies at their location. See our on-location headshot photography page for more info.

We are located at 54 Preston St, in downtown Guelph.

Contact us to make an appointment today. Also, check out our tips to look your best for business headshots.

Author Photography

author photography headshotCongratulations to Marion Reidel for getting her book We Drank Wine: And Other Stories published last month. We just ordered our copy of it and can’t wait to read it!

We Drank Wine: And Other Stories is a comedy about four women who face life’s challenges and fight to keep shame at bay. Parenting issues in the book include biting toddlers, adolescent pyromaniacs and entitled brides.

Marion is a prize winning author that enjoys creating stories that evolve from everyday life.

We took the picture that is featured on the back cover of her book, which you can see here.

Author photography is important to get done right since the picture on your book will be seen from hundreds to millions of people.

To see more headshots, visit our headshot gallery.

Headshot Photography at Our Guelph Studio

Headshot photography of a real estate agent in studioSummer is the perfect time of the year for headshot photography.

Your skin has a better glow to it, gardens are in bloom, and people generally look better in the summer.

Whether you’re looking for outdoor headshot photography, studio headshot photography, or indoor natural light headshots, our Guelph studio has perfect areas for all 3 looks.

To see different looks you might want, check out our headshot gallery.

Headshot Photography Indoors With Studio Lighting

Orange background headshot photography.This is the classic way to get your headshot taken.  You have the choice of traditional background colours such as white, grey, black, and brown, or you can go with a unique colour like a yellow-orange gradient, as seen in the photo here.

We also have a variety of different styles of light that can be used to produce different looks.

A great thing about headshot photography with a conventional white backdrop is that you can easily crop your headshot so it can be inserted into a range of different media with varying backgrounds. Great for doctors, chiropractors, or any other professional.

Headshot Photography Indoors with Natural Lighting

A couple of real estate agents being photographed in a Guelph studio.Inside of our studio is a sunlit room with big windows, couches, hardwood floor, and a brick wall background.

This area is a nice location for more casual headshot photography with a relaxed vibe.

This option is great for the colder months when you want natural light but don’t want to be standing outside.

Headshot Photography Outside

CEO headshot photography at a Guelph studio by Trina Koster Photography.Summer is a great time for outdoor headshot photography.

Our garden is in full bloom with perfect textures for a beautiful backdrop.  We also have a bamboo backdrop as you can see in the picture here.

Outdoor headshots provide a unique look and a relaxed feel that is great for showcasing yourself in the warmer months.

Headshot Photography Packages

We offer 3 different headshot packages to accommodate your needs: The One & Done, The Double Double, and The Works.

The Works is a popular option because of the deal that you get from it.  The package provides 3 different locations for headshots (studio lighting, natural light, and outdoors), 4 different looks or outfits, 3 different shot lengths, and 10 of your favourite shots digitally retouched.

This option is perfect for a professional who needs a lot of different photos to promote themselves with. In one shoot you’ll have different photos for social media platforms, dating profiles, business cards, and even a personal portrait to give to a loved one.

View our headshot pricing chart below, or see our headshot pricing page for more details.

Headshot pricing chart for Guelph, Ontario.

Headshot Photography Studio Location

Our studio is located at 54 Preston Street, Guelph, ON and we are open Tuesday to Saturday.  To book a head shot session, contact us at 519-767-2948.

Company Headshots at Your Location

Corporate staff portrait taken in Waterloo, Ontario for BDO accounting firm.This staff portrait was taken at BDO Canada in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. BDO Canada provides assurance, accounting, tax, and advisory services to clients in Canada.

It was a pleasure to do a photo shoot at the BDO building because it has a really interesting architecture and it provided plenty of different areas to take photos.

Company headshot days are convenient, economical, and also a great staff bonding event. See our on-location headshots here.

Companies we’ve worked with loved how fast the process went, allowing them to be in and out within a couple of minutes and get on with the rest of their busy day.

Getting headshots done for the whole company at once is also useful because the headshots all look consistent with the same background and lighting.

We’ve done work with companies such as Linamar, Compusense, Meducom, and Investors Group, providing professional headshots that portray the right look for each company.

We also love to work with personal trainers and can come to your gym to photograph everyone at once.

If you’re looking to get headshots for your company in Southwestern Ontario, contact Trina today.

Be sure to check out our business headshot tips so you look your best in the photos!

Why Contractors Need Headshots

Contractor headshot of Will Boardman from Wil B. PlumbingHeadshots can be very beneficial to your business if you are contractor doing work like plumbing, landscaping, roofing, or construction.  You can see some of the headshots we’ve done here.

People want to put a face to a name, so having an updated photo of yourself and your employees on your website will be likely to increase your conversion rate.

For new small businesses it is particularly important to put a face to your name especially if you have not established a reputation for your company yet.

Guelph plumber Wil Boardman got his headshot taken with us last month for his company Will B Plumbing as you can see in the picture here. This helps people better understand who is behind his company name and form more trust for it.

Customers form first impressions very quickly. If they see an unprofessional picture of you on your website they may make the assumption that you aren’t a professional businessman/woman.

Brand consistency is key for websites, so if the rest of your website is designed nicely then it’s important that all of your images look crisp and professional as well.

Whether you are a carpenter, a plumber, or a painting company, be sure to have photos of you and your employees on your website. If not, you are hurting your chances of getting conversions from your site even if you had a professional web designer make your site look nice.

If you need a headshot for your business contact Trina Koster and setup an appointment today.

You can also learn how to look your best for your headshot session with these headshot tips.

Actor Headshots

Actor headshot of Stephen GraybillIf you are an actor and trying to build a reputation for yourself, having a proper headshot taken is a must.

It can be tough to compete with thousands of other actors in a city when you don’t stand out from the crowd. As an actor, headshots should be an investment in your future, which means you should spend the money to get it done professionally so that your investment pays off.

We’ve been doing actor photography for many years in Guelph, Ontario, which you can see on our headshots page.

Stephen Graybill, pictured here, is one of many actors we’ve photographed at our studio.  He’s starred in the critically acclaimed TV show Big Little Lies with Reese Witherspoon, and also in Law and Order: SVU and The Wire.

When having your headshot taken you need to make sure you look your best so that you can showcase the headshot proudly for years to come. Think about what you want to wear and how you want to portray yourself to the world.  Good headshot photographers will be able to offer their opinion on what looks good for you so be sure to ask them when getting your photoshoot done.

Its generally a good idea to bring a couple of different outfits to a photoshoot so that you have choices on which look you like best afterwards.  For actors it is usually best to dress casual with a nice non-wrinkled shirt. Actor headshots can also be done outside for a unique look.

The point of getting your headshot done is to show off your true personality to the world in an photograph.  That means you should relax and just be yourself. Smile or don’t smile, its up to you, depending on how you want to portray yourself.

If you live in Ontario and want your headshot done, contact our studio to book an appointment at our Guelph studio.

Be sure to review our article 9 business headshots tips to look your best before getting your headshot done!

How Professional Headshots Help You Land Your Dream Job

Professional headshot of a man with glasses in Guelph.Finding a professional headshot photographer can greatly improve your chances of finding your dream job.

The first thing people see when they view your business profile is your headshot. Having a high-quality headshot portrait makes you appear professional and gives employers a strong first impression of you. For reference, see some our professional headshots.

If you work in the entertainment industry then you understand that actor headshots and model headshots are vital for landing a job. Agencies are looking at hundreds of images per day and you need to be able to stand out from the others.

Finding the right actor headshot photographer can take you from being unknown to successful within days.

Take for example this testimonial from Jake, an actor from Ontario, Canada who saw success within a day of posting his new professional headshot by Trina online:

“I had an audition last week for the World Championships of Performing Arts, which is basically like the Olympics but for performance, and the first thing they said to me at my audition was that I had a great headshot. I got an email back from them yesterday, and I was picked to represent Canada in the acting category at the competition! So that means I’ll be going to Hollywood this summer to compete with countries all over the world!”

Jake goes on to say:

“I posted my headshot on a website frequented by agents last night, and I got a phone call less than twelve hours later from an agency asking if I was interested in doing background work with them! So a lot of stuff is happening, and a large part of it is thanks to you”

Employers will form stronger impressions of you once you have a professional headshot to showcase. Trina is experienced in doing headshot photography for various professions, from business and corporate headshots to model and actor headshots.

If you live in the Guelph or Kitchener-Waterloo area, call Trina’s studio and book an appointment for a quick and stress-free headshot session that will benefit you for years to come.

Corporate Headshots Guelph

Corporate headshots of an accountant in Kitchener-Waterloo.When you’re a busy professional it can seem like a burden to get corporate headshots taken. If you are unhappy with the time it takes or you dislike being photographed, you may not get around to doing it.

Corporate headshots are one of our specialties. We’ve photographed hundreds of corporate employees at our studio and at their location, making sure the process is quick and easy.  We use lighting and posing techniques to bring out your best features and capture your true personality.

Corporate Headshots At Our Guelph Studio

Our Guelph studio is a beautiful, relaxed setting designed to make you feel comfortable and actually enjoy the experience. Depending on how many photos and different looks you want, you can be in and out within 15 minutes.

We get many repeat customers because they feel good about getting their headshot taken after their first experience with us.

Corporate Headshots At Your Location

We can visit your company and set up our equipment on location so everyone can get their photo taken within a few minutes.

Corporations such as Linamar and Investors Group have chosen us for our stress free, professional headshots because we deliver excellent quality photos with a consistent look for the whole company.

Book a corporate headshot session at our studio or at your location. You can reach us at 519-767-2948.

Our studio is located in Guelph, Ontario, but we do company headshots in most of Southwestern Ontario.


Musician Photography

Creative photography for album art, done for musician Andrew McPherson.At Trina Koster Photography, we have had the pleasure of working with many talented musicians here in our studio. The beauty of two artists working together on a photoshoot, is that it is a very creative experience, which results in unique and expressive images.

The photo above is from a 2016 shoot with Andrew McPherson, a producer, artist and remixer from Guelph, Ontario. Andrew used one of the images from our photoshoot for the cover of his new album ‘Bardo’. We felt this image really captured the moody feel of Andrew’s music.

Musician headshot of Jesse Bell Smith of Guelph, OntarioAlso seen is Jesse Bell Smith, an indie, alternative gospel singer also from Guelph. When photographing Jesse, we placed emphasis on the strong connection between a musician and their instrument.

We can work with musicians to come up with creative ideas for their next album cover or promo material based on your style of music and artistry.

Contact Us for more information.

Professional Headshot Tips

business headshot tipsHeadshots are a challenge to get right.  There are many factors that come into play when taking the perfect headshot and it is important that you know what you are doing before deciding to become a professional headshot photographer.

How your headshot looks can have a huge impact on your chance of finding a job, so getting the right photographer for the job is crucial.

For examples of professional headshots, see Trina’s Guelph headshots gallery page. To get some tips on becoming a better headshot photographer, read on.

Tips for a Professional Headshot

  • Get the right equipment for professional headshots

Being a professional headshot photographer is an investment.  The equipment required to take crisp and high-quality indoor studio headshots requires thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. A camera capable of capturing every detail for a headshot could cost you between $1000 – $7000 depending on the level of quality you’re going for. You’ll also need a proper lighting kit and a backdrop to pull off the perfect headshot.

  • Know what look you are going for

Depending on how you want to portray yourself, different lighting, props, and outfits can be used.  If you are an actor or model, indoor headshots and outdoor headshots can be equally effective in their own way. Studio lighting can make your good features stand out more, and provides even lighting across your whole face.  This is typical for business professionals who want a formal look. Natural light from outdoor headshots gives you a more creative look and can come across as more casual.

  • Find the client’s best side

Nobody really has a perfectly symmetrical face and hairline. When taking a headshot of your client be sure to get them to turn their heads slightly to different angles so you can get an idea of which side of their face should get more exposure to the camera.  Understanding each person’s most attractive angles will allow you to get the most flattering headshot.  You will also have to adjust the lighting according to which parts of the face you want to accentuate the most, and which features you want to conceal.

  • Make the client feel comfortable

If the client isn’t feeling comfortable during your professional headshot session, it is going to show in the photos.  Some people are naturally skilled at getting their photo taken and enjoy the shoot. Many others will feel nervous or uncomfortable with the process of getting a photoshoot done and you must learn how to put these clients at ease.  Engaging the clients in conversation and putting them at ease is a skill that you develop over time when doing professional headshot sessions.

Following these tips will help you to improve headshot photography!  If you live near Guelph, Ontario and need your headshot done or want private lessons in learning how to use you camera better, contact Trina Koster.

Part 2 of professional headshot tips coming soon!