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Tips to Look Your Best in Business Headshots

Business headshot of CEO from GuelphBusiness headshots are a great way to make yourself look more professional in your career. Hiring a business headshot photographer to come to your workplace or photograph you in their studio can give you an edge in the business world if the shots are done right.

There are times when people get their headshot done without considering important details of the shoot, such as clothes to wear, makeup, background, hairstyles, and more.

Check out some of our professional business headshots for some ideas on how you’d want to look in your photoshoot.

Continue reading for some useful tips on getting great business headshots.

Business Headshot Tips

Consider these tips if you are thinking of getting your headshot done professionally and aren’t sure how you should look.

Wear appropriate clothing

Think about the look you are trying to convey to people who are going to see your business photo.  Do you work at an insurance company or at a veterinary clinic?  Many people dress up for their headshot like they would for a day at the office, but wearing a suit or a nice shirt is common for men who don’t normally wear one at work.

Also, be sure to iron your clothes and look for stains or pet hair before you arrive at the shoot.

If you are planning to get just the top half of your body in the photos then don’t worry too much about about your pants and shoes, but if you want a full body portrait then remember to wear nice shoes as well.

Make your hair look nice

For women, try brushing your hair right before your shoot or bringing a brush with you.  If you want it looking smooth and silky, try using some conditioner in the shower or using a leave-in conditioner the day of the shoot.

For men, try styling your hair with some gel or styling putty, or using a blow-dryer to give it the look you’re going for. If you have a beard, make sure to shape it with your razor, and even comb it if it has been growing for a while.

Consider wearing makeup

Its up to you whether you want to wear makeup for your business headshot, but it can help make you look your best for the shoot and minimize the amount of editing that the photographer does afterwards.

Makeup can be useful if you didn’t get much sleep the night before and have bags under your eyes, and also for covering small details like crow’s feet or blemishes.

Use the right background

Business headshots can be taken indoors or outdoors depending on the look you are going for.  As you can see here, both can look good, but they convey different first impressions.

A business headshot taken in Guelph.

Corporate headshot for BDO Accounting captured in Waterloo, Ontario.

Typically, indoor headshots with white or mono coloured backgrounds are best for the formal business look. It looks professional and can be used for business cards or any other promotional material easily.  

Outdoor headshots give a more casual look, but they allow for more creativity and unique portrayals of your personality.


Smiling makes you look more open and inviting and can also show off your facial features better. People like to work with happy, confident professionals so don’t be afraid to show off your smile.  If you aren’t comfortable with how you teeth look you can still smile with your lips closed.

Consider these tips prior to getting your business headshot done and you’ll be much happier with the photos. Its an opportunity to look your best and have a professional photographer show you off, so make sure to get it done right.

If you live in the Guelph area or Southwestern Ontario, contact Trina to setup a headshot session at her Guelph studio or at your place of work.