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Getting Great Dating Profile Pictures

Choosing the right pictures for your dating profile is an important decision because the photos reflect what you want to say about yourself.  Many times people aren’t happy with the photos they have of themselves, or they don’t have any recent photos.

You could wait for an upcoming event where someone might take a good photo of you, or you can hire a professional photographer to get the job done right.

We often get requests to make portraits in way that is flattering but doesn’t look like the person has hired a professional to do it. There is a skill to making natural, candid looking portraits that are flattering.

Check out an example of The Works package below:

As you can see, there are 3 completely different looks in separate locations, all within a one hour shoot. The bonus of this is the photos look like they have been taken on different days. The Works package includes 10 photos with up to 4 different looks/outfits.

Hair and makeup in this photoshoot was done by Jon Dobbie of Valentini’s Hair Design.

In the past, Trina did The Works package for a man’s dating profile, and 2 years later he came back to get Trina to shoot his wedding after finding his wife-to-be online.

The Works package is also perfect for your business life, allowing you to have high quality photos you can use in a variety of different ways, from business cards to networking profiles.

If you’d like to book a photoshoot to use for your business or personal life, contact Trina Koster today.