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5 Interesting Places To Take Photos In Ontario

With summer around the corner I’m sure a lot of you can’t wait to go and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. We’ve put together 5 spots in Ontario for you to go and take some great photos and take in the beautiful scenery.

Scarborough Bluffs

scarborough bluffsThe Scarborough Bluffs are a relaxing and stunning place to take photos. If you want you get a nice view of the beach then head to Bluffers Park.

There are 9 parks in around The Bluffs to explore and take photos at and we recommend seeing them all!

Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney provincial park
© Sergey Pesterev / Wikimedia Commons

Killarney Provincial Park is a vast area of wetlands, forests, and mountains located south of Sudbury, overlooking Georgian Bay.

There are 645 square kilometers of wilderness for you to explore in this park, making for plenty of beautiful scenery and unique photographs to be taken.

It’s perfect for relaxing and doing wild animal photography.

Webster’s Falls

webster falls
© Paul Bica / Flickr

Webster’s Falls is a beautiful location for photos in Hamilton. It is located on the west end of Hamilton in Spencer Gorge Conservation Area.

The area is very popular with tourists, which means if you want to enter it costs a $10 parking fee and $5 admission fee.

There has been a good deal of mention about Webster’s Falls in pop culture because of its beauty. You can read more about that here.

Cheltenham Badlands

Cheltenham Badlands OntarioThe Cheltenham Badlands are a unique formation found in Caledon, Ontario. They were formed due to bad farming practices in the 1930’s, with the reddish colour coming from iron oxide deposits.

The Badlands have been off limits from visitors since 2015 due to issues with overuse and erosion, but the site is set to re-open again this summer!

This is a very interesting attraction and is worth seeing in person.

Algonquin Park

algonquin park ontario

Algonquin park is a national treasure with many amazing sights, including thousands of lakes, maple hills, and rocky ridges.

Its a fantastic place for camping and observing natural wildlife. The beautiful scenery provides countless opportunities for bright, colourful photographs that are perfect for backgrounds on your computer.

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