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7 Reasons To Invest In A Professional Photographer For Your Wedding

Getting engaged and planning your wedding can be an exciting time in your life, but also expensive. According to a study, the average Canadian wedding costs $31,110 including a honeymoon.

That’s a significant amount of money to be spending, and even if you aren’t spending close to that much for your own wedding, you’ll realize that the costs can quickly add up.

Knowing where to spend your money for a wedding can be difficult and require a lot of compromising. Choosing the right venue and paying for guests’ food are essentials, but it’s important to never forget about hiring a professional wedding photographer.

You may be tempted to pay a friend or relative to photograph your wedding to save some money, but that could be a big mistake if they aren’t experienced and don’t have the right gear.

Here are 7 reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer:

1) Experience

Aberfoyle Mill reception wedding venues guelphHaving an experienced wedding photographer over an amateur photographer is going to result in a huge difference in the quality of photographs and how smooth the wedding day is.

Choosing a professional means you’ll get someone with years of experience helping plan out your day and making sure everyone gets photographed in a streamlined and efficient manner.

The photographer will be able to guide guests through a smooth schedule and overcome any hiccups or challenges.


2) Ability

Bridal photos with the bestmen of the groom in Guelph, Ontario.Professional wedding photographers have developed a visual repertoire over the years of what angles will look the best, lighting that works well, how to pose people separately and together, and creative ideas to show you as a couple.

The average photographer will not have the ability to do all these things, meaning the photos on your big day aren’t going to turn out the way you hoped.



3) High Quality Gear

Professional photographers spend thousands of dollars purchasing photography equipment that allows them to capture any moment with complete clarity. This equipment includes high-end cameras, lenses and flashes, as well as any other relevant equipment for your wedding day shoot.

Trying to get equal pictures with low end equipment simply isn’t possible and photographs may end up being blurry or not properly lit. Making sure your photographer is working with expensive equipment means better photos. crkphotoimaging.com.au is a great site for camera equipment in Australia.


4) Photography is Their Career

War memorial hall Guelph weddingWhen you’re paying a professional photographer for their business you’re getting someone who wants to make sure you’re completely satisfied with the final product. Professional photographers have invested a lot into their businesses, meaning client happiness and feedback are extremely important to them.

Their career is staked on positive reviews and referrals, so they will want you to be 100% happy with the results.


5) You Get a Professional

When it comes down to the big day you want to have a photographer or team of photographers that conduct themselves professionally, interact with guests appropriately, and dress for the occasion.

Professional wedding photographers will do all of these things, while the same may not be true for an amateur photographer.



6) They Understand It’s Your Big Day

Guests holding sparklers and partying at a Guelph wedding reception.You want your wedding day to go smoothly and be fun for everyone there. Professionals understand that staying in the background and quietly directing you and your guests is the best way to achieve great results and help you enjoy the day.

Professional photographers will aim to create a stress-free, fun environment by confidently conducting groups of people and keeping things rolling.


7) The Photos WIll Last a Lifetime

Bride throwing the flowers over her head after ceremony.Your wedding photos will be your best memories of the wedding, allowing you to look back throughout the years and remember every great moment and see all of your friends and family that came to celebrate.

You should be able to cherish your wedding photos and love looking at them. Hiring a professional photographer means you’ll have a fully documented view of the wedding day to look back on.



You may be tempted to cut some corners on your wedding, but not factoring a good photographer into your wedding budget is a mistake you don’t want to make.

If you are looking for professional wedding photographers in Southern Ontario, contact us today.