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8 Last Minute Wedding Details That Will Transform Your Big Day

dining room at guelph youth music centre wedding venuesYou’ve booked your dream venue, found your wedding rings and your perfect dress is the perfect fit. The catering is under control, you’ve chosen your flowers and you’ve booked a great wedding photographer.

Now that the main aspects of your wedding have been organized, you can breathe a sigh of relief – and start focusing on the smaller wedding details that make a difference.

Would you like to know how to make your wedding unique and unforgettable? Here are some last minute wedding decorations and ideas to make yours the best wedding ever.

1. Pre-ceremony refreshments
Some of your guests will have travelled a long way to be at your wedding, so you could arrange for your caterer to set out homemade lemonade, iced tea and cold water as people start arriving for the ceremony. Your guests will thank you!

2. DIY wedding bar sign
Speaking of drinks, why not give your reception some character with an array of homemade wedding decoration ideas, such as a DIY wedding bar sign? Serve a small selection of your favorite cocktails (or even just two Mr and Mrs cocktails) to personalize your wedding.

3. Lawn games
If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, why not scatter some lawn games around the grounds? From croquet to giant Jenga, outdoor games are a great example of how to make a wedding fun for guests. Plus, they make for some truly unique wedding photos!

Newly weds and guests playing croquette on the Langdon Hall green in Cambridge, Ontario.

4. Patterned cocktail napkins
Trade standard white linens for colorful table runners and patterned napkins to make your wedding reception pop! Sometimes simple wedding decoration ideas for a reception are the most effective.

5. Wedding table decorations
For wedding decoration ideas on a budget, handmade place names are a great way to show your guests how much their presence means. You could also leave small pieces of paper on tables for messages and marriage advice. Some guests appreciate having things to do at a wedding reception besides dancing!

6. Restroom amenities
Luxurious hand towels, fresh flowers and a basket of essentials such as spray deodorant, perfume, make-up wipes and mints are a lovely way to make your guests feel like they’re part of the formal event, rather than an afterthought.

7. Dancing shoes
How to have fun at a wedding? Dance the night away of course! Keep a box of flip flops handy at the side of the dance floor so you and your guests can happily bop until midnight. An essential for enjoyable receptions, this should be on your list of wedding details not to forget!

Hanlon Convention Centre detailed wedding shots

8. Late night munchies
To keep your guests energized and on the dance floor, why not arrange for a wedding food truck to arrive towards the end of the night? From burger sliders to donuts, food vans are among the best little touches to add to a wedding to make the day a success!

Now you know some last minute tips for a good wedding, don’t forget to capture as many memories of your big day as possible. Whether you book a wedding photographer or leave Polaroid cameras on the tables, there’s nothing nicer than looking through those must have wedding photos as newlyweds.