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Top 5 Photos Every Wedding Photographer Should Take

Dancing at a wedding reception, River Run Centre, Guelph.If you are new to wedding photography or are interested in becoming a wedding photographer in the future, you need to know the most important moments to capture.

Although there are way more than five important moments you should capture at the wedding, these are the ones you should focus on the most.  To see some examples of must-have shots, see Trina’s wedding portfolio.

Top Five Photos to Take At A Wedding

  1. Formal Portraits of the Bride, Groom, and Family/Important Guests
    These are a must for the wedding day as they become part of the bride and groom’s family history. Find at least three different areas around the wedding venue to take individual or group portraits so that the family can have options when selecting their favourite wedding shots of the day.
  2. Detail shots of the day:
    Details add an interesting perspective to the storytelling of the celebration. Whether it’s cutting the wedding cake, the type of shoes the bride or groom are wearing, or a shot of the bride’s bouquet with the wedding bands overlapping, these detailed moments will add more diversity and will complement the formal wedding photos taken throughout the day.
  3. Ceremony shots:
    These are the most important shots of the wedding.  You’ll need to make sure you position yourself for the best angle to capture these special moments, as you only get one chance.  It can be very useful to have a secondary photographer to ensure you get every detail and angle of this time on camera. The bride walking down the aisle is a moment where the secondary photographer could take shots of them from the side or from behind while you take shots from the front.
  4. First Kiss:
    Nothing warms the heart up more when you see newlyweds share a kiss for the first time in the presence of their friends and family! For wedding photography, these important moments are the ones that will remembered and cherished the most, especially if these photographs are going to be in a wedding album. The moment of ‘I Do’ is a photo wedding photographers have one shot at, only one time to capture this precious moment – make it count!
  5. Reception Celebration:
    This is where all the celebration begins, and a lot of different events are taking place! Make sure to capture important moments like the newlyweds’ first entrance, first dances, cutting the cake and speeches! This is the time when everyone will be having fun and letting loose, allowing you to capture tons of great candid photos and happy faces.

These tips just scratch the surface of what you need to know to be a successful wedding photographer.  If you live in Guelph or South Western Ontario, contact Trina Koster for a wedding photographer you can count on.

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