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Elora Mill Wedding

Since the Elora Mill reopened this summer we were very excited that we got to shoot some weddings there. We’ve included photos at the end of this post from a wedding we captured there in August. Here’s what we have to say about our experience at the Elora Mill.

It’s a beautiful place to have a wedding for a number of reasons. The Mill is surrounded by lush greenery with the Grand River is situated alongside of it. From the Mill you get a panoramic view of the surrounding nature and can hear the relaxing sounds of the river running below.

It’s located just a short walk from a huge stretch of forest with walking and biking trails. It’s also a great place to go hiking.

If you’re searching for a high-end wedding venue then the Elora Mill is certainly that. The venue’s mixture of rustic nature and plush surroundings feels comforting and stylish.

The venue has 3 different event rooms: The Grand, The Irvine, and The Foundry. All of these rooms are beautifully designed, with The Grand seating up to 200 people.

The staff there are very organized and cater to the wedding clients and their guests.

The interior of the venue feels intimate and is wonderfully designed, offering many gorgeous areas to take photos. Outside of the Mill lies an endless amount of trees and greenery and the Grand River right beside you. The exterior of the historical buildings make for some gorgeous backdrops as well.

They also offer a variety of events to partake in with your wedding guests including: glass-blowing, pottery making, fly fishing and even ziplining over the Elora Gorge.

The huge stretch of walking and biking trails adjacent to the Mill allow for a relaxing trip into nature at any time. Another benefit of staying at the Elora Mill is the close vicinity of local shops nearby and events going on in Elora year-round.

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Check out these images from an Elora Mill wedding we shot:

Elora Mill Wedding Photos

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