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Gorgeous Ways to Display Your Favourite Travel Photos

Travel photography image of a flowerOnce you get back from your trip and the jet lag wears off, you will start thinking about all the beautiful pictures that you took. Just because your dream vacation has ended does not mean that you have to stop seeing the magic of travel. Amazing pictures of your life’s best moments shouldn’t just stay in a memory card.

Here are some tips that will help you to display your travel photos beautifully:

Photo Wall

A photo wall with images from a trip on it.
You should try to create an amazing photo wall that will astound you every time you walk past it. Instead of hanging a single photo, you can make a statement with a number of framed prints to ensure that every detail of your memories has its own space on the wall and in your heart. You can start by printing your favorite photos in a desirable size then buy frames for hanging them.

Layflat Photo Album

You can show off the striking beauty of a panoramic shot by creating a layflat album that will lay flat whenever you open a page. Bound with a traditional fabric cover, this album will fit into your personal library perfectly. You can also mount it on a tiny stand and flip it to your favorite page when you want to remember a specific day.

A layflat album is ideal for special family portraits or wedding shots that deserve more space than a 4X6 slot.

Photo Book Series

You should consider telling your story with a flip-through photo book that will encourage you to print as many pictures at possible. You can create a photo book for each of your vacations to commemorate your travels. Keep adding new volumes to your story with each milestone that you achieve whenever you travel to a new destination: graduation and birth of your first child. Its a great way to show off your fine art landscape photography.

If a picture speaks volumes on its own, no captions will be necessary. You just have to put the pictures in a photo book.

Reclaimed Wood Photobox

If you are looking for a rustic feel, try opting for a handcrafted photo box that is made from reclaimed wood. You can customize this wooden box by printing your favorite photo onto the cover. Moreover, the box should be big enough to fit your photo books and prints to ensure safekeeping.

You should place this wooden box on your coffee table for easy access whenever you feel like diving back into your magical trips.

Stylish Calendar

You will get to relive a different memory on every day of the year when you print a photo calendar. For instance, you can remember the memory of a warm ocean breeze from the snowbird trip that you took during the cold month of December. Creating a photo calendar will allow you to keep your wanderlust alive all through the year.

Canvas Print

Canvas print
Sometimes, a beautiful work of art needs to be displayed the same way that old classics were. When you recreate the different pops of color from your photos on a beautiful canvas, it will steal the show. To add a touch of elegance, you should frame your photo. However, you can always keep it simple by opting for frameless displays. If you’re looking for more decorations for your home check out Vova Titov abstract art. It is stylish and looks great hung inside your home.

Portrait Background

You can always attach your favorite photos to beautiful portrait backgrounds. This will make your pictures look more riveting, especially if you opt for a contrasting background. You can hang your pictures up in the living area to capture attention.

Your favorite travel memories will always stay with you but these tips will make it easier to keep them at the forefront of your mind.


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