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Interesting Places to Take a Portrait

When taking a unique photo for your social media feed or portrait portfolio, it’s great to find interesting places that will inspire others. It’s easy to snap that selfie in your house with lighting all around you, but there is something about natural light with a unique background that makes people want to dive into a photo.

Here are some interesting places to take a portrait:

An abandoned railroad track
There is something rustic and cool about an abandoned railroad track. If you’re into yoga poses or creative photography, it’s a place you’ll want to check out. It makes others wonder where those tracks use to lead and urges them to want to explore on their own.

In a large city street
You could find a street that isn’t used often and has low traffic. The lights, people walking by, and bustle of the city brings out a lively urban energy. You could take the photo in the middle of the street while there is traffic if you strike a pose while the light is red. You don’t want to block traffic in a large city, but the vibe is eccentric and the shot will be interesting. It makes the viewer feel like you’re an modern person with a busy lifestyle. Why else would you be in a busy city and striking a pose that makes it look like you’re stopping traffic?

In front of graffiti walls or murals
Many great artists were approved to create graffiti walls or murals in their city. Lots are colorful and inspiring. You don’t need to spend time creating props with a graffiti background and it’s captivating to others. It adds the perfect color to your portrait without overdoing it. Many people can also find murals that provide the right emotional tone for their photos. Adding this to your photography makes people feel like you’re fun to be around and have a bit of a wild side.

A bridge in a park
Whether you decide on a wooden bridge in your local park that overlooks a pond or a bridge that overlooks a river, the photo will capture different natural elements. It brings out the feeling that there are endless possibilities and life is worth exploring. It connects to different spaces, which conveys freedom. A bridge signifies that you can leave your current situation behind and explore something greater.

A secret garden
You’d be surprised to find many gardens hidden around the city that you live. Lots are open to the public and offer a serene location for photography. They are hidden gems that show a softer side. Botanical gardens are also another option and offer the same calming landscape. Another location is a greenhouse if you can locate one in your area.

An old barn
Many people are into rustic farmhouse vibes and they are truly beautiful in person. If they are original to the period, the better. It’s a bigger bonus if they are rundown with chipped paint. It’s intriguing to others and depending on where they live, not something they get to see every day. It shows others that life can be slow and meaningful.

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