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7 Creative Wedding Ideas

Guests holding sparklers and partying at a Guelph wedding reception.Weddings are meant to be one of the most magical events of your life. But with so much to organize and prepare, you just might not have enough creative juices left to make things exciting for your guests. Good thing is, we have a list of creative wedding ideas that can help you have a wedding that everyone enjoys.

Interactive Wedding Invitations

When planning your wedding, why not start it off right with the wedding invitations. Make it an invitation that won’t just simply be a piece of paper they’ll throw out after they’ve RSVP’ed. There are several ways to spice it up. If you both love music you can send guests a ‘save-the-date’ CD, USB, or Spotify Playlist with all of the songs that show the story of your love.

If you want to make your friends guess a little, send invitations with clues then have them scratch a portion of the invitation to reveal the date and destination.

Some couples might even want to have an invitation on their favorite cereal box or snacks; nothing put to waste, right? Or have an invitation where they have to answer a question before they send it back for attendance confirmation. One thing they can write is their song request at your reception. Interactive wedding invitations set the mood and the kind of wedding you will have. It all just boils down to what kind of theme you want to have.

DIY Petal Station

Before guests get settled for the wedding ceremony, some might want to have their own bucket full of petals to throw. Consider setting up a station with various choices for petals to throw when the bride and groom walk out of the wedding venue. Here, you can set up different petals with different colors and flowers according to the theme of your wedding.

Those who want to throw some can get creative. Provide a customized newspaper cup to fill or simply another small bucket that could also serve as their souvenir. Either way, you can definitely walk down the aisle with tons of petals, all with the color of love chosen for your wedding. Make the walk out of the venue special with some beautiful flower petals raining down on you.

Fun Seating Setups

Buy some time and let your guests have fun before they make their way to the reception. Look for their funniest pictures or have them send in photos of their choice. Compile these and create a card wall with either funny pictures of your guests or fun facts about them. Put their pictures on their respective seats and have them find their way. Whether you group friends together or separately, it’ll be a great way to make the reception more interesting.

You can even decorate the tables with places significant to you, add a short explanation, and have people sit in these tables according to which places they most remind you of. Giving it a much more personal feel will make everybody sentimental as soon as they take their seats. This will definitely set the mood for a light and entertaining reception dinner after a romantic wedding.

Scatter Facts

Compile a bunch of facts, fun and romantic ones, and have them printed on napkins or decorations to scatter all around the reception venue. This is an fabulous way of sharing your life to the people who mean the most to you. It would also be something your guests would want to stumble upon when they want to learn about something new.

These little facts or notes around the reception would also make it more homey and personal. You can even make this a game during the reception to have some fun. Use these facts in a game and ask people questions. Find an appropriate prize and make it meaningful for them, as well. Let people know about how wonderful your story has been, even the little details.

Create An Entertainment Station

Have some other options for your guests to have fun during your wedding. Create a fun station where they can either refill their own beer or play some games. You can put this station near the edge of the wedding reception for when all the formalities have died down and the people are starting to get a little loose.

A wagon full of beers would be great for guests who want to have their fair share of fun. Or you can put some balloons filled with paint on a canvas and have your guests throw darts to create magical painting for the day.

All these activities would make it one key location in your reception that guests would look forward to visiting when they have the chance. This fun touch to your wedding will definitely make it a memorable one and make for some great shots for your wedding photographer.

Personal Messages

There are so many ways to create memories on the day of your wedding and one of these is receiving messages. Messages from people who have witnessed your beautiful day can give so much meaning to it.

Create personalized bookmarks or cards with the theme and date of your wedding and have it placed in one area where guests can write their wishes. You can even cut out little pieces of paper that guests can write short notes or pieces of advice.

Or if you’re feeling more extravagant, have them take a Polaroid picture and write their message on the backside of the picture. Place envelopes or boxes where these people can place their meaningful words. Let this go on for the duration of your reception so people have more time. This is a souvenir you can visit whenever you feel like doing so.

Advance Anniversary Gifts

Sometimes it’s fun to plan for special future moments. And one of the best ways to do it is to seal off something to open in the future. What better things to store than love letters and vintage wine (if you’re into Wine).

Before you get to your wedding, buy a vintage wine you both will love. Write love letters, whether during the reception or before the entire wedding itself. Place those in a box with both your initials and names carved on it along with the date of your wedding. You can even add polaroid pictures to store it with.

Make it part of the ceremony to formally seal the box with a key or a ribbon and promise to open it only when it’s already your first wedding anniversary. When the time comes that it’s finally your first anniversary, you can revisit the memories like they’re fresh. And if you want, you can make this a tradition by replacing the wine and adding more letters and pictures inside for each anniversary. Now isn’t that romantic?


All of these wedding ideas are great for a couple who wants to step up their game. Get inspired and plan the best wedding you can. Make it magical with your creativity.

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