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Portraits at Lake Huron

portrait photography at lake huron's grand bend beachThis portrait was taken at the Grand Bend Beach connecting to Lake Huron.

Trina loves this location because the lake is so large it looks like an ocean, it has beautiful light, is right on the water, and there’s usually a breeze blowing through people’s hair.

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It’s a very flattering look for photos when there’s fresh air blowing on you with a beautiful background, and this location has certainly got that.

Beaches can provide an amazing location for photo shoots, which is why weddings on beaches provide such great photography opportunities.

If you want some great photos of your dog we suggest taking some shots of them at a beach.

They’re likely to be having a lot of fun and it makes for a lot of cute and memorable photos.

If you’re looking to get a portrait of you and your friends or family, contact Trina Koster or see our portrait rates and packages.