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Wedding at Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre

Wedding at Kitchener-Waterloo Little TheatreThis was a very creative wedding which made it a lot of fun to shoot. Snow and Greg celebrated their wedding at the Kitchener-Waterloo Little Theatre, which is a small and intimate venue with some nice backdrops for photos.

We enjoy this image because it is a candid shot of the moment when confetti fell from the air, with a Van Gogh inspired backdrop.

We admire Snow and Greg because they put a lot of thought into making their wedding creative and fun for their guests.  It provided us with some great opportunities to be artistic and tell a story with the photos.

Jeannine Brady took this photo while working as a second photographer at the wedding. It’s very beneficial having a second wedding photographer because it expands the amount of the wedding story that can be covered.

Being able to view the same moment from different angles allows for a different perspective and different emotions to be conveyed.

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Wedding Venues in Guelph, Ontario – The Ultimate List

Wedding photography of dancing at a wedding reception, River Run Centre, Guelph.Choosing wedding venues in Guelph to get married at or hold your reception at can be tricky when you don’t know all of your options. We’ve come up with a comprehensive list of Guelph wedding venues, all of which we’ve photographed at and included images.

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Guelph Wedding Venues

Aberfoyle Mill

We like this wedding venue because it’s got a country charm to it.  It feels cozy with the warm wood inside the Mill, and it also has nice limestone backdrops which are great for photos.

The grounds have lots of weeping willow trees and there’s also a nice pond. On the pond there’s a peninsula with a white gazebo which provides a stunning view and a great place for ceremonies.

In the summer they have a giant tent for accommodation of up to 200 people.

Arboretum Centre, University of Guelph

You can’t go wrong with a Guelph Arboretum wedding because it is beautiful all year round. It is one of our favourite wedding venues in Guelph to take photos.

There is a broad palette of colours and backdrops for the photos no matter what season you go there. It has an immense range of greenery and trees, and also provides tons of open shade. Open shade prevents you from harsh and contrasty light, which can make you look speckly and unflattering.

The Japanese garden in the Arboretum is one of our favourite places to shoot in Guelph because of the design elements and its very intimate setting.

Artisanale restaurant

One of the less known Guelph wedding venues. It’s a very charming restaurant with a cozy atmosphere.They have a large patio in the back which is great in the spring and summer, and the food there is incredible. It’s a nice place for small to medium sized weddings with accommodations up to 80 people.

City Hall, Downtown Guelph

The City Hall is a great location for a couple of reasons. In the summer it has water fountains which provide a shallow pool for you to dip your feet and in the winter it is turned into a skating rink.

The exterior of the hall has historic limestone and a mix of modern architecture which allows you to get 2 different looks for photos.

Creelman Hall, University of Guelph

Creelman Hall is a fantastic wedding venue. The architecture of the building is very impressive and the space around the staircase is excellent for a cocktail reception.

Johnston Green is located right next to Creelman Hall, which has a portico that is perfect for having a wedding ceremony.  You also have the War Memorial Hall a minute away, which is a really good location for photos. Creelman Hall is one of our favourite places to shoot at in Guelph.

Cutten Fields

This wedding venue has a golf course and clubhouse which allows for indoor and outdoor ceremonies.  It’s got a nice shaded patio with beautiful greenery behind it, making it perfect for summer weddings.

The reception room is well lit from lots of bright windows. The location also has a spectacular sunset view which overlooks the city of Guelph.

Delta Hotel

This venue is excellent for very large weddings and reception parties. The lobby of the hotel is a nice location for photographs as well.

Goldie Mill

This is a really unique wedding venue to get married at because it’s a treasure in Guelph. Built in the 1800’s and destroyed by a fire in 1953, the Mill has a lot of history.  Just next to the Mill is a huge 90 foot brick chimney. The Mill still has its original limestone, and its ruins are where ceremonies take place.

An advantage of Goldie Mill’s location is that its nestled in between a river and a parkland, with the Guelph Youth Music Center right beside it.

Guelph Youth Music Centre

Inside of the centre is a theatre where ceremonies takes place.  The theatre has nice modern architecture, with 2 walls of glass. Because of all of the windows and glass it is very bright and airy, allowing for great photos with natural light.

It is also located right next to Goldie Mill Park which is a good location for photos.

Hanlon Convention Centre

This is a great wedding venue for any sized wedding. Glamorous and dramatic chandeliers that light up the banquet room contribute to a feeling of celebration.

The foyer acts as a cocktail reception lounge. In the lounge they have a water fountain feature on the wall that is lit with changing colours, making it a great backdrop for unique photographs.

Holiday Inn Guelph

They offer different spaces for very large weddings to medium and small weddings.

The lobby has an updated modern interior design, which can make for some interesting backgrounds in photos. There’s a number of staircases around the lobby which are good for group photographs.

Italian Canadian Club

This venue is a traditional banquet hall that was renovated to be fully accessible and fit up to 600 people in 2015. The lounge area has nice leather furniture that is great for photos.

It has big windows bringing in lots of natural light and it’s very close to downtown Guelph. A benefit of this venue is that photos could be taken at the Guelph Courtyard as well since it’s located nearby.

River Run Centre

The River Run Centre has an incredible bank of windows with a view of the river and its old ruins. The Canada Company Hall is where guests eat dinner, and can accommodate up to 175 people.

The location itself is very light and airy to celebrate your wedding in. There are many picturesque features such as a promenade that stretches over the adjacent river and John Galt Park located nearby.

Science complex, University of Guelph

This Is a great wedding venue because it has ample space for a very large wedding celebration and is bright and airy. It is located in the center of Guelph at the University, with access to the whole University of Guelph grounds.

There’s a greenhouse nearby which can be used for photos, as well as the nearby War Memorial Hall and Johnston Green. It is also a 10 minute walk from the Arboretum which is amazing for photos.

Springfield Golf and Country Club

The golf course is a stunning place for wedding pictures, located in the south end of Guelph.

It has a wonderful gazebo on the front lawn of the golf course that is perfect for ceremonies. It also has a garden with a variety of lush green textures.

The golf course has solid backups plans in case it’s raining on your wedding day, allowing you to have the wedding inside.

Finding wedding venues in Guelph shouldn’t be a hassle, it should be exciting! We hope this list can assist you in making the right choice for your wedding day.

If you’re planning your wedding and are looking for a photographer, contact Trina Koster Photography or view our wedding rates.

We also do Wedding photography in Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo, Fergus, Toronto, Elora, and more.

5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Wedding Photography

Wedding photography of a couple kissing with a double rainbow in the background.

Wedding planning can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. Lots of details should be considered, from the colour of napkins to the music being played and the food that is being served.

The photos from your wedding will be your best memories of a very special day in your life, so its important that they’re done right.

To ensure that you get the best photos on your wedding day, we came up with a list of the top 5 things you should consider when planning your wedding photography.

5 Wedding Photography Tips for Brides and Grooms

1) Consider the weather for each season

Bride and groom walking down stone pathway in the Langdon Hall garden.When deciding on what season to get married in, here are some considerations you should take for the weather (in Ontario):

Cons: Can be very rainy and possibly rain all day. Can be damp and cool. Usually the leaves have not come out on the trees until the end of May causing there to be less “open shade”.

The lack of leaves can cause the light to be very stark and the backgrounds may have a lot of branches coming out of people’s heads.

Pros:  Pretty blooms of Red bud trees and Magnolia- unique to spring time.

Cons: July can be extremely humid sometimes!  Not a great month for people who are really sensitive to extreme heat.  It’s especially important to pick a photo location with a lot of shade.

Pros: By far, June- September is usually Ontario’s most pleasant weather.

Cons: The daylight hours get short quickly! Usually around October 20th onwards the weather can be rainy, cold and damp- but of course not always! Things just get more unpredictable.

Pros: The extraordinary colours of fall in Ontario peak around Thanksgiving.

Cons: Not every day has a pretty dusting of fresh snow. Usually a bride and groom can get outside for a 20 minute portrait session, but it’s necessary to have a good indoor location to complete all the family photos.

Pros:  You can sometimes get a “Winter Wonderland” day that is magical looking.

2) Have a backup plan for bad weather and light conditions

Rain, hail, high winds or snowstorms may cause unexpected problems on your wedding day.

The bottom line is it’s critical to have a Plan B option for photos to account for difficult weather and light conditions.

Have an indoor and outdoor location. If being married outside have a tent as a backdrop.

You can plan everything but you can’t plan the weather.

3) Come up with a photo ‘Shot List’

Bride and guests party at a Guelph wedding venue.Think about what photos will be the most valuable to you and your spouse both now and for your future. Write up a “shot list”.

Your wedding day is the joining of families together, and your photos will be the legacy of this unique family celebration that you are creating.

Consider the importance of a mix of posed and candid moments to be captured.  Making portraits on your wedding day can be a meaningful part of your day where you are spending time with some of the most important family members and your closest friends. If you get a good photographer they’re gonna make this an enjoyable time for everyone.

Consider using a wedding checklist so you can keep track of all of the shots you want to take along with all of the other important details of the wedding.

4) Make a plan for the day with your wedding photographer

The men of the family posing for a black and white photo on the steps to the Orchard Room near Langdon Hall.Consult with your wedding photographer before your wedding date to plan out the timing of your day and what location your wedding portraits will be made.

It’s important to choose a location that has “open shade” options where groups of people can be posed together without patches of shadows or bright light on their faces.

Also, locations with architectural features such as staircases, pillars, arches, ivy, stone and a variety of textures will make for more interesting photo backdrops.

5) Find the a professional wedding photographer that you can connect with

Find an experienced, professional photographer who works with a second photographer or assistant and whose portfolio contains many examples of real weddings that they have photographed.  Ideally they can show you one wedding that they have photographed from start to finish.

The skill of wedding photography does not rely on just having a good camera.  A professional photographer has the ability to communicate well with people, be artistic and creative at posing people, manage timelines, and be able to direct people so that the subjects can enjoy being photographed.

Make sure you choose to work with a professional photographer that you and your spouse connect with and you feel that they understand what will be the most valuable photos to you.

Follow these tips and you can be confident that the photos you get from your wedding will provide memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Contact Trina Koster if you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Guelph, Cambridge, Elora or Kitchener-Waterloo area.

Portraits at Lake Huron

portrait photography at lake huron's grand bend beachThis portrait was taken at the Grand Bend Beach connecting to Lake Huron.

Trina loves this location because the lake is so large it looks like an ocean, it has beautiful light, is right on the water, and there’s usually a breeze blowing through people’s hair.

See more of our portraits.

It’s a very flattering look for photos when there’s fresh air blowing on you with a beautiful background, and this location has certainly got that.

Beaches can provide an amazing location for photo shoots, which is why weddings on beaches provide such great photography opportunities.

If you want some great photos of your dog we suggest taking some shots of them at a beach.

They’re likely to be having a lot of fun and it makes for a lot of cute and memorable photos.

If you’re looking to get a portrait of you and your friends or family, contact Trina Koster or see our portrait rates and packages.


Company Headshots at Your Location

Corporate staff portrait taken in Waterloo, Ontario for BDO accounting firm.This staff portrait was taken at BDO Canada in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. BDO Canada provides assurance, accounting, tax, and advisory services to clients in Canada.

It was a pleasure to do a photo shoot at the BDO building because it has a really interesting architecture and it provided plenty of different areas to take photos.

Company headshot days are convenient, economical, and also a great staff bonding event. See our on-location headshots here.

Companies we’ve worked with loved how fast the process went, allowing them to be in and out within a couple of minutes and get on with the rest of their busy day.

Getting headshots done for the whole company at once is also useful because the headshots all look consistent with the same background and lighting.

We’ve done work with companies such as Linamar, Compusense, Meducom, and Investors Group, providing professional headshots that portray the right look for each company.

We also love to work with personal trainers and can come to your gym to photograph everyone at once.

If you’re looking to get headshots for your company in Southwestern Ontario, contact Trina today.

Be sure to check out our business headshot tips so you look your best in the photos!

Why Contractors Need Headshots

Contractor headshot of Will Boardman from Wil B. PlumbingHeadshots can be very beneficial to your business if you are contractor doing work like plumbing, landscaping, roofing, or construction.  You can see some of the headshots we’ve done here.

People want to put a face to a name, so having an updated photo of yourself and your employees on your website will be likely to increase your conversion rate.

For new small businesses it is particularly important to put a face to your name especially if you have not established a reputation for your company yet.

Guelph plumber Wil Boardman got his headshot taken with us last month for his company Will B Plumbing as you can see in the picture here. This helps people better understand who is behind his company name and form more trust for it.

Customers form first impressions very quickly. If they see an unprofessional picture of you on your website they may make the assumption that you aren’t a professional businessman/woman.

Brand consistency is key for websites, so if the rest of your website is designed nicely then it’s important that all of your images look crisp and professional as well.

Whether you are a carpenter, a plumber, or a painting company, be sure to have photos of you and your employees on your website. If not, you are hurting your chances of getting conversions from your site even if you had a professional web designer make your site look nice.

If you need a headshot for your business contact Trina Koster and setup an appointment today.

You can also learn how to look your best for your headshot session with these headshot tips.

Millcroft Inn Wedding Photography

Couple kissing under trees at the Millcroft Inn, AltonOne of our favourite places to shoot weddings in Ontario is at the Millcroft Inn. Located in the hills of Caledon in Alton, this venue has got almost everything you are looking for when it comes to relaxing and getting great pictures. With tons of experience being Millcroft Inn wedding photographers, we’ve captured many stunning photographs there. You can see some more of them in our wedding portfolios.

The grounds have an amazing waterfall and pond, plenty of forest trails to explore, and the Victorian Manor House Garden is a perfect location for photographs.

The Millcroft Inn also has stunning architecture with tons of old limestone, which is great to photograph against.

The beautiful nature surrounding the inn provides a calming atmosphere and a delightful space to go for a walk. Tons of open shade and plenty of intimate settings provide the opportunity for amazing photographs.

Bride at Millcroft Inn in wedding dress with white flowers.Here’s what one of our clients had to say about their wedding there:

“We knew the Millcroft Inn was the ideal setting for our wedding and when we met Trina we knew she was the perfect person to capture the natural beauty and joy of the occasion.

We both work in the television news business and understand what it takes to tell a story. Trina’s patience with us and understanding of what we wanted was vital in telling the story of our special day.

Her eye for nuance and texture perfectly expressed the intimacy of the ceremony and of the Millcroft and has provided us with so many precious memories of our wedding. Thank you so much Trina!”

-Lama Nicolas / Global News reporter,  Mike Boothman / CTV News producer

Bride getting ready at the Millcroft Inn in Alton, Ontario.If you are looking for a fantastic wedding venue in Ontario to get married, Millcroft Inn is highly recommended by us.  

Trina doesn’t charge travel fees to shoot weddings at the Millcroft Inn because she loves the place so much, and the drive there from Guelph is easy.

If you are looking for a Millcroft Inn wedding photographer to shoot your wedding, contact Trina Koster and you’ll be sure to have photos you can cherish for a lifetime. If you love the Millcroft in your also love the Elora Mill.

Langdon Hall Wedding Photography Review

Langdon Hall wedding photography, CambridgeLangdon Hall of Cambridge, Ontario is a stunning place for wedding photography. We’re delighted every time we shoot a wedding there.

Beautiful no matter what season, when you enter through the gate and drive through the pine forest, it doesn’t feel like you’re in Cambridge anymore, it’s almost like you’re in your own world.

To get an idea of the kind of photos you’ll get from a wedding there, check out our Langdon Hall wedding gallery.

Langdon Hall is perfect for small and large weddings.

We’ve photographed weddings with only 4 people (bride, groom and friends) to large parties of 120 people. No matter what the size it always feels very intimate.

As Langdon Hall’s top referred wedding photographers, we’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings in every season, with each season bringing its own special look to the wedding photos.

There are so many fantastic locations in Langdon Hall to take wedding photos. The Orchard Garden offers a beautiful backdrop for pictures you’ll never forget, and the croquet lawn is great for photographing groups of friends and family.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer experienced in getting amazing wedding photos at Langdon Hall in Cambridge, Ontario, contact Trina Koster.

You can also view our wedding packages for pricing details.

How Professional Headshots Help You Land Your Dream Job

Professional headshot of a man with glasses in Guelph.Finding a professional headshot photographer can greatly improve your chances of finding your dream job.

The first thing people see when they view your business profile is your headshot. Having a high-quality headshot portrait makes you appear professional and gives employers a strong first impression of you. For reference, see some our professional headshots.

If you work in the entertainment industry then you understand that actor headshots and model headshots are vital for landing a job. Agencies are looking at hundreds of images per day and you need to be able to stand out from the others.

Finding the right actor headshot photographer can take you from being unknown to successful within days.

Take for example this testimonial from Jake, an actor from Ontario, Canada who saw success within a day of posting his new professional headshot by Trina online:

“I had an audition last week for the World Championships of Performing Arts, which is basically like the Olympics but for performance, and the first thing they said to me at my audition was that I had a great headshot. I got an email back from them yesterday, and I was picked to represent Canada in the acting category at the competition! So that means I’ll be going to Hollywood this summer to compete with countries all over the world!”

Jake goes on to say:

“I posted my headshot on a website frequented by agents last night, and I got a phone call less than twelve hours later from an agency asking if I was interested in doing background work with them! So a lot of stuff is happening, and a large part of it is thanks to you”

Employers will form stronger impressions of you once you have a professional headshot to showcase. Trina is experienced in doing headshot photography for various professions, from business and corporate headshots to model and actor headshots.

If you live in the Guelph or Kitchener-Waterloo area, call Trina’s studio and book an appointment for a quick and stress-free headshot session that will benefit you for years to come.