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Musician Photography

Creative photography for album art, done for musician Andrew McPherson.At Trina Koster Photography, we have had the pleasure of working with many talented musicians here in our studio. The beauty of two artists working together on a photoshoot, is that it is a very creative experience, which results in unique and expressive images.

The photo above is from a 2016 shoot with Andrew McPherson, a producer, artist and remixer from Guelph, Ontario. Andrew used one of the images from our photoshoot for the cover of his new album ‘Bardo’. We felt this image really captured the moody feel of Andrew’s music.

Musician headshot of Jesse Bell Smith of Guelph, OntarioAlso seen is Jesse Bell Smith, an indie, alternative gospel singer also from Guelph. When photographing Jesse, we placed emphasis on the strong connection between a musician and their instrument.

We can work with musicians to come up with creative ideas for their next album cover or promo material based on your style of music and artistry.

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