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1 Spot Left in Photography Beginners Crash Course on Jan 13

photography workshop guelphThis Saturday, January 13th and January 27th we are having a photography workshop for photographers who are looking to become better with their camera.

The workshop is ideal for people who want to understand aperture and shutter speed better and shoot in manual mode.

What you will learn:

  • How to have manual control over your camera and not be “stuck” in auto mode all the time
  • The technical and creative applications of using aperture, shutter speeds and ISO settings to make your pictures how you have always wanted them to look
  • How to use your light meter in the camera
  • How to see the elements of design and incorporate

Requirements: Point and Shoot Digital Camera or a DSLR Digital Camera (any brand), camera manual and laptop.

In case you can’t make it to the January 13th workshop, we are having 1 more workshop on January 27th as well, with 4 spots remaining at this moment.

Here’s what past participants think:

“Fun, easy to understand. Broken into easy to digest chunks. Really practical. This workshop is worth it for beginner and/ or advanced photographers to really get a handle on how to apply the 3 core elements: ISO, Aperture and Shutter. Highlight- the workshop booklet that’s included with the course!”
Jeff Bersche, Crash Learn Photo, April 2017

“The steps were put together so well that you will learn step by step all the necessary information. Trina is a great instructor in terms of knowledge and the whole energy throughout the workshop, keeps you so interested and energized all day!”
Mary Zahedi, Crash Learn Photo, April 2017

“Loved the small group atmosphere and photo reveal and discussion at the end. Highlight: Going out and implementing elements of design in our shooting. Also real life stories Trina offered about her photo journey.”
Sabrina, Crash Learn Photo, April 2017

“I loved the practical application portion; the ability to take the things learned in class, which were often one steep learning curve and apply them quickly to practice.”
Matthew Walmsley, Crash Learn Photo, April 2017

For more information and testimonials about the workshop, visit our beginner’s crash course photography page.

Contact Trina for more information.