Beginner’s Crash Learn Photo: January 13, 2018

Instructor: Trina Koster
Date: Saturday, January 13, 2018  10-5pm
Limit 8 people
$125 +HST  Includes a pizza lunch.

Ideal for people who want to understand aperture and shutter speed better and shoot in manual mode.

What you will learn:

  • How to have manual control over your camera and not be “stuck” in auto mode all the time
  • The technical and creative applications of using aperture, shutter speeds and ISO settings to make your pictures how you have always wanted them to look
  • How to use your light meter in the camera
  • How to see the elements of design and incorporate

In the morning session there will be an emphasis on the balance of technical side of photography. In the afternoon we will focus on the creative side of photography. With the use of beautiful slideshows Trina will teach you about visual language and the elements and principles of design. Highlights of the workshop will include feedback session on your photos, learning how to adjust your photos on the computer to improve them.

Trina has been teaching this workshop for over 20 years out of her studio. To provide a personal “hands-on” environment, the class size is limited to 8 people to maintain a personal atmosphere.

Instructor: To view Trina’s portfolio click here

Requirements: Point and Shoot Digital Camera or a DSLR Digital Camera (any brand), camera manual and laptop.


“Trina breaks down the technical aspects of photography in an easy to understand way. Excellent!”
Alison Springate, Crash Learn Photo, Jan 2016

“Excellent, fun, informative, casual.”
Holly Klassen, Crash Learn Photo, Jan 2016

“Great one day course which got me past the digital camera phobia. Trina conveys a real sense of enthusiasm about her art.”
Peter Kauss- Crash Learn Photo, Jan 2012

“I really enjoyed this course. Even as someone with some experience using my camera, you helped explain concepts and technical elements in a simple, easy to understand way. You’ve motivated me to get out and use my camera more often!”
Jamie Whitfield- Crash Learn Photo, Jan 2012